Reduced Material Cost


At Lewark Metal Spinning, our hi-tech Mazak 6-Axis Laser Cutting equipment provides beneficial support to our CNC Metal Spinning and Hand Metal Spinning services.

Cost savings are realized through reduced material expense, improved quality and project flexibility. These benefits are passed directly onto your bottom line via a competitively priced quality component.

Laser Cutting

Lewark Advantage

  • Maximum Cutting Thickness - 0.187" (depending on metal type)
  • 6-Axis Laser Cutting
  • Up to 48" x 96" Stock Sheets
  • Aluminum Laser Cutting Capable
  • Co2 Laser
  • Programmable CNC Controller
  • CAD/CAM System

6-Axis Capable


The ability to improve on quality and provide flexibility through the use of the 6-Axis rotation is a key factor to our continued success. Utilizing the laser cutting machine's intricate cutting capabilities in efficient ways reduces the number of operations as well as eliminating numerous setups. This cost savings benefit is also passed onto you.

Quick Turn-Around


We have a Mazak Laser Cutting Machine with a full complement of conventional laser cutting equipment.

We have the ability to cut objects from a 48" x 96" plate.