We invest valuable resources in state-of-the-art polishing equipment to provide day-to-day support to our Hand Metal Spinning and CNC Metal Spinning services. At Lewark Metal Spinning, our polishing methods coincide with our commitment to Customer Satisfaction. We will provide quality products that meet or exceed your expectations.

Our polishing process covers all aspects of the grinding steps, polishing steps and the final buffing steps. This evolution is necessary for creating uniformity and improving the surface conditions for functionality and decorative purposes. The polishing process is a series of mechanical, abrasive operations used to eliminate or reduce imperfections. Grinding lines, marks, pits, scratches, tool marks, part lines and surface defects that adversely affect the product's surface condition are smoothed out to your expectations.

The polishing process is initiated by grinding down the larger obstructions and more severe deterrents. This aggressive grinding step is the most abrasive aspect of the overall polishing process. Next, comes the polishing step, which is used to improve the surface finish from the abrasive grinding step. Smaller lines and scratches are blended. This polishing step is crucial in preparing the component's baseline for the final step. The buffing step is applied to provide the pop to the surface reflection. We take exceptional efforts in preparing and presenting a clean and lustrous finish. Oily transferences are eliminated by wearing cotton gloves and your parts are specially protected when packaged for shipment.




At Lewark Metal Spinning, we can polish virtually any metallic surface such as aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass, copper and other exotic alloys. Our capabilities and capacity provides the perfect construct to handle various sized parts in any quantities required.

If you wish to exclusively subcontract our polishing process, please consider the following considerations. Components to be polished should be completely disassembled, if possible, and near free of grease, dirt and oil.

We are pleased to offer you a wide variety of polishing finishes such as:

  • #2D Finish (Media Blast)
  • #3 Finish (100 Grit or Below)
  • #4 Finish (120 to 150 Grit)
  • Scotch-Briteā„¢ (Enhancement Finish)
  • #2BX Fine Abrasive Finish (220 - 400 Grit)
  • Mirror Finish (Soft Cotton Buff)

Equipment to Make it Happen


We have a full complement of conventional grinding machines, Reid Grinding Machines, Sooner Grinding Machines, Devine Polishers, Hanson Polishers, plus some additional, specialized equipment to help us meet your requirements on more unusual jobs.