When it comes to family run businesses, Lewark Metal Spinning is at the top of the charts. LMS will be celebrating its impressive 24th anniversary on Sunday, July 23rd, and has no signs of slowing down any time soon. LMS was founded on customer care and loyalty. We believe our work should fit our customer’s requirements, not the other way around.

LMS was formed on July 23rd, 1993 by Larry Lewark with the support of his wife, Esther. Both Esther and Larry grew up with families that were in the metal trade, so this line of work was not new to them. Larry, after parting ways with his previous company, started with only a small shop, hand lathes and two workers. Although Larry did not have much to start, his excellent reputation scored him some early work right off the bat with a P.O. even before he had any machines to fill those orders.

Not too long after the company got started, the big problem of space arose Larry eventually had to move the operation 5 times as he kept expanding the business. The nickname “King of Keenan” came about due to all the company expansions, all on the same street which is still the current location.

Along with creating more space, LMS is currently in the process of expanding again and will be moving the hand spinning department to a new location. LMS is driven to provide its customers the best service possible, so that is why our efforts are focused with the customer’s need in mind.

Currently all four of the Lewark family members, Larry, Esther, Billy and Rachael, work at LMS alongside the company mascot Elma, the family dog.

The Lewark family, and the whole LMS team works to ensure that all of our services provided will be with the customers in mind. LMS has grown from the ground up and will continue to expand for many more years to come. Our long history has provided us with the experience and skills to get the job done the right way!.