Fire Lewark Metal Spinning -1

One year ago, Lewark Metal Spinning was put to the test as a fire that spontaneously erupted in the men’s locker room tore through the front offices leaving nothing behind but a hollow shell of a building. Fortunately, the manufacturing bays were not harmed in the fire other than the loss of electricity for a few days. The office staff was able to move into a small building on LMS’s rear lot and production was back to 100% in a matter of 72 hours. It has been 12 months since the office staff of eleven people took residence in four small offices. That team, which has now grown to fourteen members, anxiously awaits the now-near date of moving into the newly rebuilt front building. It has been a year of growth: as a team, as manufacturers, and in production.

Despite the fire, LMS has seen the blessing of 20% growth in sales for 2012. LMS has also taken dramatic steps towards more rigorous and efficient standards of production this year. The quality of our products built the reputation of Lewark Metal Spinning. As the company grows and new members come on board, LMS is maximizing the new facility and equipping the growing staff to continue our commitment to superior quality and unsurpassed customer service in everything we do.

What started as a potentially tragic event has turned into the next steps forward for Lewark Metal Spinning and its customers.